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Easy Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

There was once a time when hosting a baby shower meant that you would receive a large number of big ticket items including strollers, cribs, beds, and even large scale play equipment. However, as times change, the level of which your gift needs to reach has dropped considerably.

If you have received an invitation to a baby shower and are looking for some easy gift ideas, then look no further than these tips below.


Onesies! Even if every person who attends the party brings five sets of onesies, the recipient still won’t have enough. That’s because until a youngster grows out of them then you can’t have enough of them. When taking this option, be sure to buy different colors, patterns, and sizes so that they can be used in different occasions and throughout the different spans of their growth.


Every parent wants to help their child learn, and the best way for them to learn at such a young age is through their parents reading. To help the parents in this regard, head to the local bookstore and pick up a set of children's books. When making your selection, remember that the majority of guests will likely ring books to be read at a young age. With this in mind, be sure to choose books which they can read once their young one is a little older.


Whether it’s to lay on the carpet, on the grass, to keep them warm, to keep them dry, or even just to keep them covered, blankets are a new parent’s best friend simply because of their versatility. When choosing blankets, be sure to choose a range which includes different textures, patterns, colors, and also shapes and sizes. This will help the new parents to get the most use of them all.


Every baby needs diapers. And just because they’re a monthly expense does not mean that they can’t also be a gift. In fact, diapers make for a great gift simply because they can be put to immediate use as soon as the recipient returns from with their new one. When taking this option, be sure to find out if the new parents plan to use reusable fabric diapers or the disposable option before you head to the Groupon Coupons page for Babies R Us, to make sure that your gift will be useful.

Pamper Package

Being a new parent is no easy task and is one which can quickly become exhausting. For this reason, pack a small basket with some great relaxation products, like bath oils, scented candle, burning fragrances, and any other niceties that you can find at your local beauty and relaxation store and dress it up nice. Once the new parent manages to finally get a moment to themselves they will be thankful for your gift!

Just because you aren’t parent minded doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the perfect baby shower gift to a party. The next time that you receive an invitation, keep these tips in mind and you will be sure to impress!