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How an Insurance Attorney Can Help a Public Adjuster

For most people, they don’t think a public adjuster and a health care fraud attorney would ever be on the same side but in most cases, they are. Their roles may be very different from one another but they have to at times, work together in order to resolve a case. So, how can an insurance attorney help public adjusters with insurance cases? Check here!

The Role of the Public Adjuster

Public adjusters have the responsibility of appraising the value of an insurance policy. They will say if the policy should be paid out and at what cost. However, if they cannot reach a suitable insurance amount, they can call in a lawyer to help clear up the matter. Usually the insurance attorney is the one to handle all legal matters and that can be truly crucial. The lawyer or attorney has the expertise to deal with court proceedings and can help ensure a fair settlement is given. If however, no fair settlement or compensation is offered then negotiations can be stopped in favour or a court process. A health care lawyer can also help a public adjuster when it comes to getting insurance companies to pay-out the amount on the insurance policy.

How an Attorney Can Help

For instance, if there has been some sort of health care fraud, then the adjuster may have to look into who was the person responsible. Sometimes, it was the medical professionals fault rather than the policy holder; and vice versa. However, it is absolutely necessary in these types of cases for the adjuster to know where they stand in terms of who is at fault. This is why a health care fraud attorney is so widely used in today’s world. Fraud is a big problem and in the health care system, it’s becoming far more troublesome than ever before. For that reason, more adjusters require the help of a lawyer to straighten out the issues. Check out this site:

Never Settle For Less

Usually, a public adjuster can handle simple things such as insurance policy pay-outs and if there is no argument over the amount being paid. However, if a health care insurance company refuses to pay the full amount or is trying to settle the claim for less, the adjuster may require the help of an attorney. The health care lawyer can look at the situation and help with the legal side and may be able to handle the negotiation process also. However, if that fails, the matter will be taken to a higher power, potentially to civil court in order to receive the full pay-out.

Help On Hand

There have in fact been a lot of health care frauds occurring in recent times and that has led to the increase of attorneys being hired at the hands of public adjusters. The truth is sometimes the public adjuster, even if they believe their client, cannot always prove they are innocent and has to rely on outside help (such as a health care fraud attorney) for assistance in these matters. That is when the attorney steps in and tries to prove their case so their clients win. It can in fact be extremely important to prove the case especially if a large amount of money is being disputed.

A Close Working Relationship

Public adjusters and insurance attorneys work very closely together. The trouble is there are more and more insurance fraud cases being brought against individuals and that does call for a lot of cooperation. That is why the relationship between the attorney and adjuster is crucial. A health care lawyer can assist a public adjuster and vice versa.